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THE BERZERKER Frontman No Longer Working With 'Sweaty Men'

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Christophe writes... "Hey ! Here's an article which explains why Luke Kenny has stopped The Berzerker. I know it dates back from few months ago, but I wanted to show it if some people didn't read it :"



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Site registrations have been disabled (sick of deleting spam) and although The Berzerker are finished, I see no reason to take the site offline so all content will still be available.



Merry Xmas!

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This is fucking GOLD. Check this out, it's Todd Hansens (drummer) xmas band SLEIGHER.


Berzerker, where are you?

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Hey guys, it's been a while but there has been nothing new going on with the band as far as I can tell, it's pretty quiet.

There is some bad news though, apparently The Berzerker are finished, this is just coming from a comment posted on the bands facebook page about a month ago which hasn't yet been denied by the band. Can anyone confirm this? Seems possible but this could just be the calm before the storm, fuck knows.


Recent site updates

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Good news! I've been working on the site here and there, adding images, links, fixing up some odds and ends but what you might notice is the new download section, it's not a whole lot at the moment but more files will be added soon including some video packs.  ...speeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaking of videos, the Video section is prepared now and I'm in the process of filling it up. I have a massive amount of stuff already (Over 100 clips from youtube with much more to get, none of them are just songs with static pics either, although they would be welcome uploads), plus I'll be converting a shitload of stuff from my dvd's but submit whatever footage you have.


Damo's diarrhea 25.08.09

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Taken from an August 25th 2009 MySpace post.

Gday everyone, hope all is well.

Well it's been a while since my last post, so here's a brief rundown on what's been happening at Berzerker headquarters.
We've all been busy getting ready for the mighty US / CANADA Obituary Tour and I hope all you crazy fukers over there are ready to go fuking mental with us when we hit the stage!! We really can't fukin wait and it's only 1 week til we leave! It's going to be awesome to catch up with our diehard American fans. You guys have been really loyal to us and we can't wait to return the favour with some 320bpm death grind.

We just played 2 shows in our home towns, Brisbane and Gold Coast, as a bit of warm up and the setlist was so fuking relentless. Don't expect any breaks from the chaos when we hit the States, we're cramming in as much blast as possible into our short sets so get ready to smash each other for 30-45mins without one single breath!!

We're also going to have new merch with us so get it while you can and we might even be able to come back sometime!!! Luke and I have been working some stuff up and it'll look something like this....


New Merch and USA / Canada Tour

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This was just sent to the newsletter (Go signup at The Berzerkers MySpace page. I really hope i can come up with some cash to make the trek from Nova Scotia to Quebec or Ontario. I'll update the show listings shortly.

Hey All,
Were getting ready to come back to the USA and Canada in the next few weeks.
Its been 5 VERY long years since we were back, and a lots changed since then. No more masks, new members and faster more brutal music and stage show..
So fucking get ready this may be you last chance to catch The Berzerker, so dont fucking miss out...
Were bringing the brutality, so you'd better get the fucking pit started.
2 Sep 2009 Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA
3 Sep 2009 The Rock, Tucson, AZ
4 Sep 2009 U.B.’s, Bar Mesa, AZ
5 Sep 2009 Gator’s, Farmington, NM
6 Sep 2009 Bluebird, Theater Denver, CO
8 Sep 2009 Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
9 Sep 2009 Key Club, Los Angeles, CA
10 Sep 2009 Slims, San Francisco, CA
11 Sep 2009 Hawthorne Theater, OR
12 Sep 2009 El Corazon, Seattle, WA
14 Sep 2009 Sugar, Victoria, BC
15 Sep 2009 Plaza Club, VancouverT
21 Sep 2009 Station 4, St Paul, MI
22 Sep 2009 The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
23 Sep 2009 Pearl Room, Mokena, IL
24 Sep 2009 Pirates Cove, Cleveland, Ohio
25 Sep 2009 Opera House, ON
26 Sep 2009 Imperial, Quebec City, QC
27 Sep 2009 Montreal, QC, Foufounes, QC
28 Sep 2009 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
29 Sep 2009 The Blender, NY
30 Sep 2009 Palladium, Worcester, MA
1 Oct 2009 Peppermint Club, Virginia Beach, VA
2 Oct 2009 Volume 11, Raleigh, NC
3 Oct 2009 Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
4 Oct 2009 HeadlinersHall, Louisville, KY
5 Oct 2009 The Muse, Nashville, TN
6 Oct 2009 Pop’s, Sauget, IL
7 Oct 2009 Lola’s, Ft Worth, TX
8 Oct 2009 Scout Bar, San Antonio, TX
10 Oct 2009 U.B’s, Bar Mesa, AZ

Click Read More for the tour poster and an awesome promo pic by Luke of a hot model covered in blood.